Compact Gardens-To-Go- & GROW!

Garden within steps of your kitchen where you can tend it easily, watch it grow from day to day, breathe in the fragrance, show it off to visitors, pick and prepare fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers for your table in minutes!

Pick cherry tomatoes, full-size tomato, jalapeño peppers, bell peppers, yum yum peppers, lettuce for crunch, a savory mix of herbs, and cut flowers for the table…FRESH!

Talk about compact farm to table!

Expect results! One jalapeño pepper plant can yield over one hundred peppers in one season. Too many? We freeze them whole and use them in salsa and other recipes later on! Herbs can also be frozen in ice cube trays to be used whenever. Earlier this spring we used last year’s rosemary to perfect a big pot of hearty vegetable soup. All in all, one compact garden could produce over $300 worth of vegetables, herbs and flowers for use now and later when you need them. And what value can you put on the beauty and fragrance of cut flowers that grace your dinner table?

Your DIY Compact Garden Kit Includes:

  • 1 GMA pallet (48” x 40”) platform and airflow conductor
  • 6 vintage (mostly ) Muskingum Valley farm crates
  • 6 crate liners to hold soil in place (this is the toughest, most exacting, compact garden DIY task, but you are up to it)
  • 3 bags of Pro-Mix growing medium (professional dirt) for your vegetables, herbs and flowers (cost of plants is in addition)

Price for DIY Kit as described above: $120.00.

All six crates can be filled with plants of your choosing for under $20.00! 

Total first-year cost of one kit and plants will likely be less than $140.00—well under the potential value of your well-tended garden’s annual abundance.

These lovely gardens have a rustic look that you will love too, not to mention air-flow, moisture control and soil containment. Crates can be rearranged as desired and the whole thing is portable! (We thought about calling it the Compact Mobile Garden. Nah.)

Call to reserve your Compact Garden Kit…we will have it ready to go and we will help you (from a safe but social distance) select a mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers to make your garden GROW!

Vehicle too compact to haul your Garden Kit? No problem! We deliver to local neighborhoods and communities. Ask when and to where we deliver.

Our lush compact garden provided compact-farm-to-table veggies and herbs for months. 

Choose from our carefully cultivated varieties of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs and flowers for your personal compact garden!

Everything you need to go and grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers on a patio, porch or plot just outside your door.